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Anthony J. Stinson Jr. Association for Change

  Changing Kids Lives Through Positivity

Our Story

Anthony Jerome “Ham” Stinson Jr., was shot and killed while visiting his grandmother’s house just before his 21st birthday. Like so many young men in Jacksonville, Anthony lost his life due to unnecessary violence. The inability for Anthony Jr.’s killer to resolve whatever conflicts he had with Anthony in a non-violent way makes Anthony’s death even more senseless and sad. The Anthony Jerome Stinson Jr. Association for Change was formed by members of Anthony’s family and other members of the community who are frustrated with losing the youth of Jacksonville to pointless violence. 

A Mission was Born

The Anthony J. Stinson Jr. Association for Change’s mission is to restore peace in the Northwest Quadrant of Jacksonville, FL. We want to bring an end to the neighborhood violence by offering youth the opportunity to have a safe haven to play, learn, and create a lasting connection within their community. We are showing our children how to make their community better by doing community service work. We also want to teach them how to communicate with words instead of violence. We believe that children learn through play, life lessons, and effective communication. We want to provide these tools for the youth in our community. We target youth in the following zip codes 32206, 32208 and 32209 and the age range is 7 to 17.

Why Us?

We are a community non-profit with board members who are native to the Jacksonville area. Our focus is on the youth and helping them have positive role models as well have health relationships with others and help them succeed in life.

We operate on donations, fundraising and grants. We understand not all can give money. We need people to volunteer when we do our events and giveaways. Just reach out to Anthony or Alycia to let them know how you'd like to help.