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Anthony J. Stinson Jr. Association for Change

  Changing Kids Lives Through Positivity

Thanks for visiting!

Welcome to our website. WHAT a year this has been! There have been a whole lot of changes in the last 9 months. We have not been able to connect with our youth in the normal ways. We have not been able to do jail tours or funeral home tours because of the pandemic. We started off with a bang with our big purchases of our trailer trailer and truck. Our hopes with these new purchases were to take our kids out and create memories as well as learn about the area we live in. We were blessed to be able to do our book bag giveaway with a different look, we did a drive thru giveaway, giving away over 100 bags. Thank you to all those who donated to help make that happen.


We need walkers/runners/joggers and cheerleaders!! We have joined forces with First Place Sports to hold a 5K on Ribault Scenic Park Drive. There is a $25 registration fee which will be split between our association and Ribault Middle/High School Athletic Departments. The race is free to all students at Ribault Middle/High Schools. There is also a free 1 mile Fun Run and for those who live on the race course if you have the best decorations and cheering squad, you could win $500!!! To register please go to, go to the race calendar and select our race on February 20th.


During the holiday season we were able to keep with our Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets and the Christmas Gift Cards. Now with that season behind us and the still unknown concerning the pandemic, we still have to place our jail tours and funeral home tours on the back burner. We are still looking to take a few kids on a camping trip during spring break. 

We will help all we can, while we can, for as long as we can.


Thank you again to all our donors, we could not do this with out your help, thank you for believing in our mission.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Anthony J. Stinson, Sr. 904-487-5713

Alycia Tillman 904-674-7808